all the pain and the heartache

is what took us to this spot

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amari-gurrll asked: How's school going so far? Just checking up on you :)

To be honest, not so good. Being bullied…is the worst thing ever. Especially when the bullies get all their moves from teen movies.

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crazyme94 asked: Random question: What do you think is a good nickname for Rebeca?

I think Beck or Becks

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johannamason526 asked: I love your account it's so awesome I think this is the best r5 account ever like you are amazing I don't care that it took me 5 minutes of my life to write this it is worth it to make you smile like every time you post something I go crazy to look at it or read it like someone like you should not deserve hate like if someone ever fuckin even hurts you call me I'll go all ape shit on them😘😘

Awww!!! You’re such a sweetheart! I started crying as reading this, you and all my followers mean so much to me.
Thank you, love, thank you for all your wonderful comments that always make me smile. 😘

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Anonymous asked: Can't wait to read your imagines. The anticipation is killing me...but please take your time

Thank you, kind anon! I’ll have them up as soon as possible, probably this week.